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Residential and Commercial Upholstery Cleaning Services

  • We offer affordable furniture cleaning services that can save you money on new furniture and keep your current furniture clean, tidy, and in mint condition. Our furniture cleaning services can help restore beauty and prolong the life of the upholstered furniture you use every day.If you feel that your house has too much dirt, dust, and dirt, you may need a maintenance or upholstery service for the air ductsBy hiring our professional services, you will notice that the indoor air quality has improved significantly, as the spaces in between can hide mold and other allergens removed during the cleaning process.One of the main reasons people hire professional Upholstery Cleaners like us is that we offer many different benefits. If you have decided that cleaning your upholstery is not for you, then there are several benefits to hiring professional services.The most significant advantage is that you will have your furniture professionally cleaned, and you can relax and not worry about getting your furniture dirty. When you are looking for a cleaner, there are some things to ensure that you get a quality service.

    Our Furniture Cleaning Can Help Revive and Extend the Life of Your Upholstery

    One of the most significant benefits is that you will usually be getting your upholstery professionally cleaned. You will save time and energy, and you can sit back and relax while your upholstery gets cleaned.

    Another significant benefit is that professional cleaning will provide you with a variety of different options. They may use only one method to clean your upholstery or use several different ways to clean your upholstery.

    With many other methods available, you can pick the one that is right for you depending on how well your upholstery is maintained. Professional upholstery cleaners will recommend the best option depending on what type of results you are looking for.

    Our Professional Cleaning Service will offer unique treatments for your fabric choices. For example, if you have silk or velvet upholstery, you will want to ensure that the professional cleaning service uses a vacuum cleaner made for upholstery fabric.

    This will ensure that the suction of the vacuum does not damage the upholstery. If the cleaning service uses an old vacuum cleaner with no soft bristles, the fabric upholstery may be damaged by the suction. With us, you won’t have to worry; we know exactly how to approach each situation in the best possible way.

    Upholstery Cleaning Process

    • Fabric Inspection A simple test that includes taking a small sample of the fabric reveals the fiber content and helps tailor the cleaning process.
    • Dye Testing A tiny amount of upholstery cleaner is used to a hidden area of the fabric to test for dye stability.
    • Dry Soil Removal When cleaning any textile, the first step is to remove as much dry soil as possible. Not only does this improve the cleaning process, but it also will help stop damage and scratches to your delicate fabrics from dry soil particles.
    • Soil Suspension A preconditioning agent is used on most fabrics to “suspend” the soil for more efficient extraction.
    • Soil Removal (Extraction) A water or solvent-based solution is used to remove the suspended soils.
    • Pile Setting/Grooming Textiles with a “pile”, such as chenille or velvet, are groomed with a special upholstery grooming brush to arrange the individual fibers into a uniform position.
    • Drying High-velocity air movers are used to developing faster drying. This will help the fabric dry faster and not leave a chance for mold and bacteria to grow in your fine materials.

    The type of material and the furniture piece’s size will determine what cleaning method is best for your item. We carefully inspect each piece’s fabric and construction before selecting the furniture cleaning methods best suited to the material.

    Professional furniture cleaning services like ours understand that different upholstery materials in your home have varying tolerances that require specific cleaning techniques.

IICRC Certified Technicians

IICRC certification designates a high level of understanding and practice in the cleaning and restoration industry, and is widely recognized by customers and industry peers.

Locally Owned & Operated

We are your local independent carpet – rug – upholstery cleaning company with many years of experience and thousands of happy customers, we specialize in using the most modern cleaning products.

Affordable Service

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Restore the Style and Cleanliness of Your Furniture

By having your upholstery professionally cleaned, you can help extend your items’ lives and prevent dirt and dirt from accumulating. Professional cleaning companies can not only do the cleaning themselves but also offer the best way to take care of future furniture inventories.

Appointing a trained professional upholstery cleaner can also be beneficial for asthma and allergies – sufferers – as it improves air quality and kills germs and bacteria when upholstered, which must not be killed by domestic self-cleaning.

It can even improve the indoor air – and thus help extend the life and belongings. We can increase the service life of furniture; we can keep up your upholstery cleanliness to date with the latest cleaning techniques, such as removing built-in dirt and stains.

We Offer Unique Furniture Cleaning Advantages

One of the main benefits of upholstery cleaning services is that they provide a quality cleaning level that isn’t always possible. You can spend a lot of money on professional cleaners or hire people who do it yourself. However, both of these options involve a level of experience that most homeowners don’t have.

Hiring a company like us has been around for a while can mean better results, as upholstery cleaning companies have usually done a lot of work for an extended period. When you hire an upholstery cleaning expert, you get someone who knows what they are doing.

Our steam cleaners are very beneficial to all upholstery types and are great at removing stains from your upholstery quickly. Also, if you clean upholstery often, you’ll notice that it’s easier to keep up with the upholstery cleaning process.

Suppose you decide to hire an upholstered cleaning expert. In that case, they will ensure you that your upholstered furniture is cleaned correctly using effective techniques and equipment, ultimately resulting in improved indoor air quality. A specialist in upholstery cleaning takes the proper precautions to clean, assemble and dismantle the upholstered furniture and other materials.

One of the main advantages of hiring our upholstery experts is that they use an effective technique for cleaning upholstered furniture according to the fibers’ suitability, protecting them and the other material from damage.

Residential Services

We aim to provide you with the most trustworthy upholstery cleaning service in Los Angeles, so we offer residential upholstery cleaning services to our clients. Maintaining your home clean is about more than just vacuuming your furniture; it is also about maintaining and cleaning all of your residence upholstery.

Dust and contaminants can get inside any upholstery; that’s why it is essential to have all of your upholstered furniture regularly cleaned and maintained by an expert. We meticulously inspect the upholstery structure and pay special care to any areas of interest to ensure the proper cleaning techniques are employed.

The result is a more precise and detailed cleaning for your delicate upholstery. We clean your upholstery with the latest, advanced, fabric-safe products and use heavy-duty extraction equipment to remove stains and soil from your furniture. Then we can treat your furniture with unique products to help it resist future staining. We guarantee your satisfaction, or we’ll make it right at an affordable price.

Commercial Services

Don’t replace upholstery when it becomes dingy and stained! We have decades of experience performing the residential and commercial upholstery cleaning. The type of stain or the style of fabric doesn’t matter. Our expert cleaning technicians know how to handle every material and every possible issue.

The upholstered furniture at your office takes a beating. This is particularly true when used and exploited by multiple employees and all your potential clients and customers.

Dust, pollen, food crumbs, and stains leak deep into the upholstery. To eliminate these contaminants and conserve your investment quality, you need the help of a professional upholstery cleaning service. Call us today for a high-quality commercial cleaning service.

We are experienced commercial cleaners who know how to tackle big business jobs and will leave your upholstered furniture refreshingly clean, creating a healthier workplace for all to experience and extending the longevity of your upholstery. Also, all of our deodorizers and cleaners are nontoxic and will not leave a sticky residue behind.

Why Hire Professional Upholstery Cleaners?

Our Upholstery Cleaning team understands upholstery fabrics and can effectively clean sofas, armchairs, dining chairs, and more.

Daily use and lasting wear can cause a film of dirt and grime to settle on and in your materials. We guarantee that our qualified cleaners will leave your upholstery refreshed and sanitized.

We carefully inspect each piece’s fabric and construction before selecting the furniture cleaning methods best suited to the material. The price also considers the furniture piece’s size and the material composite as more substantial materials require special cleaning and care.

Contact us today for your commercial or residential furniture cleaning services, and ask us about our other services, including disinfection services, commercial cleaning, carpet, and area rug cleaning.

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Total number of reviews and star-ratings are based on data collected during the time.
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Brandon Willis
Brandon Willis
They tackled even the toughest stains with precision and care, leaving my carpets looking brand new. The team's professionalism and attention to detail were truly impressive.
Barbara Gibson
Barbara Gibson
Bait and switch experts, dreadful, rude customer service. The company quoted me $129 to clean three rooms of nylon carpet. When the short, fat cleaner arrived, he examined the carpets (which are well cared for and required normal cleaning) and tried to exact a different price. Then he said he could offer "regular" cleaning (which is what? A half-baked job?!) for the quoted price if I paid in cash as they don't accept credit cards (!!!). I don't have that much cash on hand and offered to pay by check. He wanted to follow me to my bank and I would give him the cash (!). I sent him packing, went to Lowe's, rented a carpet cleaner and upholstery attachment for $40 and cleaned the carpets and two pieces of furniture myself in a few hours. They look great.
Jehan Harris
Jehan Harris
This is the worst experience I have ever had with any business. Everything from the quality of their work, to being up sold and ripped off, to the poor communication. I regret using this company and highly recommend taking your business elsewhere if you’re looking for quality work for your carpets. I was originally quoted a special for $89 for three rooms along with a $150 charge for a five seater sectional clean. When the tech arrived he explained that I needed a deep clean in my living room and shampoo in both of my bedrooms as well as a shampoo for my carpet. I ended up agreeing and he quoted me $570. As I was leaving to allow him to do his work he came back and explained that his manager said that it’s actually $50 additional dollars for my couch to be shampooed. So I agreed and gave him $620 cash. About an hour later he was done with doing a deep clean of my living room floor shampooing my carpet in my bedrooms and also my couch. When I arrived home I saw that he most definitely did not complete a deep clean of my living room as there were still heavy stains and dirt marks around my living room area also there was visible dirt to my couch and plenty of dust that I could wipe off with a baby wipe. I have attempted to call this company multiple times and at one point they did agree to do a redo of their job and we’re intending to come and we’re scheduled to come today at 10 AM. After waiting for two hours for the tech to arrive for the redo they never arrived and when I called customer service they explained that the manager had chosen to cancel the redo with out notice. I have requested an invoice several times and never received it as well. Basically I’ve been SCAMMED OUT of $620. They have now forwarded all calls from my main phone so I can no longer reach their office. But luckily I have multiple phones so I will keep calling to try to get a refund or a redo of the poor job. Huge regret using this company. I will definitely be reporting to better business bureau as well.
Lester Baste
Lester Baste
Was looking for a company that could help me clean my rugs, carpets and area rugs. I wanted to find someone who could clean my carpets, area rugs and pet stains. I also wanted someone to remove odours from the carpeting as well as steam clean it. This company is great!
Scott Crawford
Scott Crawford
Mark came to my home yesterday and cleaned the carpets in my entire house. He and his partner were on time, friendly and polite, very thorough in their work, and were careful to cover everything that shouldn't get wet with drop cloths. They also measured a small section of carpet that needed to be replaced.
Alvin Robertson
Alvin Robertson
We had an emergency cleaning issue at our office. I contacted Steam Green Carpet Cleaning & Restoration, who came out immediately and cleaned the carpets. The carpet has never looked so good, and it didn't take long to dry either. If you need a great job done for a fair price, look no further than this company!
Rose Adkins
Rose Adkins
Steam Green Carpet Cleaning & Restoration will go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied. They are hard working and professional, highly skilled and knowledgeable, do their job right. The key to their success is that they treat each client like it is there first time and make them feel welcome at all times.
Amber Anderson
Amber Anderson
This is the best carpet care service I've ever used. Truly a breath of fresh air! I hired Steam Green Carpet Cleaning & Restoration to clean my parents rugs and area rugs in their home. The results were amazing for all the stains that once covered these rugs, now almost all gone. I would highly recommend them!!
Camilo Sutherland
Camilo Sutherland
Steam Green Carpet Cleaning & Restoration is the best carpet cleaners in Los Angeles. Every time I have used their service the carpets look like new again and they show up at my house on time, in uniform and with all of their equipment. They know what they are doing. No more cleaning up after a dirty carpet cleaner who was supposed to be cleaning your carpets! These guys are professionals!
Tracy Carr
Tracy Carr
Steam Green Carpet Cleaning & Restoration is an impressive carpet cleaning company. I'm very satisfied with the work they have done for me on a large area rug in my home. This is where we meet most often and it's always nice to know exactly who will be coming on a particular service day. The technicians are very professional and friendly, making the experience comfortable. If you live in the Phoenix area, I highly recommend giving them a call for both small jobs like refreshing carpets and larger ones like remodeling or redecorating.

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